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About Our App

One application that allows organizations to keep things in control while maintaining privacy of its user. Sperotel Messaging is an eco-system with decentralised network and end-to-end encryption. No access to contacts, email or location. De-activate users who leave the organization and protect important data through remote wipe.

End-to-End Encryption

Our End to End Encryption uses a state-of-art asymmetric encryption technique for data communication between sender and receiver. We never store your private keys on our server or cloud backups.


Safety is built from the beginning, our Hardware- based encryption features help prevent anyone except you from being able to access your information. It is tamper-resistant key storage, and protects against unauthorized access.


A unique approach for organizations that need secure communications, internally and externally. Ownership and control of your data, so you know exactly where it is and who has access.


Sperotel keeps end-users and IT in control with enterprise-grade data ownership, security and compliance. Moreover, we intrinsically verify the identity of who you’re talking to, so you can be sure you are not talking to an eavesdropper.


Sperotel does not require access to contacts, location or phone number to operate, ensuring that user data is not collected and therefore, the app does not have access to it.

Hardware Encryption Key

Privileged access to protect against hostile account takeovers, an experience much faster than SMS and TOTP. Sperotel safe-guard your data by storing your digital key to physical hardware.

How Sperotel Messaging Works?


Stay connected with your entire team. Send messages, share files, documents and make voice & video calls. Sperotel helps your team communicate in real-time and make decisions faster. Different space for each department allows you to collaborate effectively.

Schools and Colleges

Sperotel creates a better learning experience for distance-learning. Teacher collaboration positively impacts student achievement, and allows educators to explore new territory. Create a separate space for each program and improve co-ordination between students and teachers. Exchange of ideas and feedback on assignment is much easier.

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In addition to this we also offer managed services and customised deployments according to your needs. Please contact our sales team at Sales Team.



Per Month

  • 100Mb Space
  • Unlimited Chat History
  • File Sharing
  • Minimum 10 Users
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Per Month

  • 500MB Storage
  • Custom Domain
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Minimum 50 Users
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Per Month

  • 1 GB Space
  • Custom WebApp
  • Phone Support
  • Minimum 100 users
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Why Sperotel?

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The best collaboration tool to grow your business. Organise rooms around teams, projects, tasks. Chat, share files, add widgets, and make video & voice calls and conferences. It allows users to send text messages and voice messages, make voice and video calls, and share images, documents and other media.